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Zamst Sports Braces - Ankle, Knee, Back, Wrist, Shoulder & Elbow Braces

Zamst is Precision Engineered Support Technology that reinforces and protects the elite athletes of the world, pushing them further and harder than the human body alone can endure. We are not just a brace. Simply, we are the sophisticated exoskeleton for a new breed of athlete. Built on a vast knowledge base in the medical field, we understand the human body, and most importantly its limitations. We are Structure. We are Reinforcement. The Elite Athlete is our home. We are the true leader in product technology and Injury Prevention. We are the next generation of Exoskeleton Support!

Zamst Quality & Features:
  • Individualised Fit (Customised To User)
  • Enhanced Compression & Comfort
  • Anatomically Correct Designs
  • Advanced Lightweight Fabrication & Construction
  • Ventilated Mesh & Materials
  • Multiple Adjustable Fasteners
  • Dual Stabiliser Inserts (External & Internal Support)
  • Anti-Migration (Prevents Slipping During Activities)
  • ROM Tech (Complete Range of Motion Design)
  • Innovative Japanese Design
  • Unique Injury Braces - IT Band, Plantar Fasciitis, Patella Tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatter Disease.
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Zamst A1 Ankle Brace
Our Price: $99.99
Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace
Our Price: $109.99
Zamst A2DX Ankle Brace
Our Price: $119.99
The Zamst A1 provides moderate support for mild to moderate ankle sprains. The Zamst A1 incorporates a-fit technology for an anatomically (left and right) correct fit and i-Fit technology for individualized adjustments and compressions. The Exo-Grid (Internal) has dual internal stabilizers, which provide lateral & medial ankle stability. L-Strap and Y-Strap Stabilizers with Grip Tech (antimigration) located on the outside prevents the ankle from rolling inwards (Inversion) by adjusting the tension of the straps. The Zamst JK-2 provides the most advanced patellar support for Patellar Tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatters Disease and Chondromalacia. The Zamst JK-2 incorporates Flyweight fabrication with i-Fit technology, a semi-open design with a lower strap for individualized adjustment and compression. The V-Tech material ventilates and quickly removes perspiration during exercise. The Zamst A2DX is the strongest Ankle Brace in the Zamst Sports Ankle Support Range. It is specially designed to provide full stabilization of the ankle and prevent rolling inwards or outwards. Perfect for Basketball, Netball, Football and other ball sports.  The Zamst a2dx is anatomically correct (left and right) and can be fitted for the individual.
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Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace
Our Price: $124.99
Zamst ZW-7 Back Brace
Our Price: $139.99
The Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace is the strongest knee support for moderate to severe sprains of the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL. The Zamst ZK7 has an exo-tech quad which provides 4-way ligament support with resin stays to support medial and lateral stability as well as x-strap and parallel straps for effective anterior and posterior stability to the ACL/PCL. The ZK7’s i-Fit technology provides a semi-open design to deliver an individualized fit to help prevent slipping. The flyweight lightweight material fabrication designed with V-Tech flow through ventilation enhances cooling while in motion.
The Zamst ZW-7 provides the strongest dynamic stabilization for the lower back and pelvis.The Exo-Grid (Internal) has four panels to enhance lumbar stability, and Grip Tech material ensures the Zamst ZW-7 stays in place. The i-Fit technology delivers individualized, adjustable compression levels. V-Tech fabrication provides proper cooling and ventilation while active.