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DT1 Basic Stopwatch
Our Price: $19.95
DTZ6 Referee Watch
Our Price: $24.95
Digi Sport DT3 Stopwatch
Our Price: $29.95
The Digi Sports DT1 Stopwatch is a basic 6 Digit Stopwatch. It has 1/100 Sec for 30 Minutes; Calendar, Time and Alarm Functions. The Digi Sports DTZ6 is a Referee Stopwatch. The DTZ6 Referee Stopwatch Comes with a Comfortable Wrist Band and Rain Water Resistance. Functions include Clock (12/24hr); Calendar (Date/Month/Weekday); Alarm; Timer & Stoppage; Presettable Timer Up to 99 Minutes; Backlighted LCD Display & 3 Row Display. The Digi Sports DT3 is the Entry Level Count Down Stopwatch. The DT3 is a 7 Digit Stopwatch with 1/100 Sec Cumulative Split or Lap; Count Down Timer Function with Repeat Option; Pacer; Clock; & Calendar Functions.
Digi Sport DT480A Stopwatch - DT480A Stopwatch, 50 Lap Stopwatch, Stopwatches, Digi Sport Stopwatches, Digi Sport DT100 Stopwatch - Digi DT100 Stopwatch, 100 Lap Stopwatch, Stopwatches, Digi Sport Stopwatches, Digi Sports DigiLink Upload Software - DT2000 & DT810 Stopwatches
Digi Sport DT480A
Our Price: $39.95
Digi Sport DT100
Our Price: $59.95
The Digi Sports DT480A is a 7 Digit Stopwatch with Count Up/Down Functions to 9 Hours; 59 Minutes & 59.99 Seconds. The DT480A has 2 Line Display; 50 Lap Recallable Memory; Lap Counter to 99 laps; 1/100 Sec Lap or Split Times; Count Down Timer; 30 Second Shuttle Timer for Time Outs & Pacer Mode Functions. The Digi Sports DT100 Metal Stopwatch is our top of the range in hand held stopwatches. It is built heavy duty with Metal Casing. The DT100 is a 7 Digit Stopwatch with 3 Line Display and comes with 300 Lap Memory; Fastest/Slowest/Average Lap; Count Down Timer; Pacer Mode; Clock; & Calendar Functions. The Digi Sports Upload Kit with Cable & Software is Compatible with DT2000 & DT810 Stopwatches. Enables Export/Import of Races; Real Time Upload; Save/Delete Records and Print from a Laptop or Computer.
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Digi Sport DT2000
Our Price: $79.95
The Digi Sports DT2000 Stopwatch is built for Running & Athletic Events. It is compatible with Digi Sports Software & DT500 Printer. The DT2000 is a 7 Digit Stopwatch with 3 Line Display; 100 Lap Memory; 2000 Lap Segregated Memory; Lap/Split or Lap/Time Display; Lap Counter; Fastest/Average Lap, Count Down Timer; Pacer Mode; Clock & Calendar Functions. The Digi Sports DT500P is a Portable Printer Compatible with the DT2000 & DT500 Stopwatches. Simply plug into either stopwatch for instant print out of race results. The DT500P is a fast thermal printer which has the capacity to print 1.5 Lines Per Sec and 13 Digits Per Row. Comes with Carry Case & Cable.
The Digi Sports DT810 is a stopwatch & printer inbuilt all in one. The DT810 has 3 Line Display; 2000 Memories; Segregated Memory; Lap/Split Times; Lap/Split or Lap/Speed Display; Average and Best Lap Time Display; Dual Timers; Count Down Timer; Clock; Calendar & Alarm Functions. Data can be Printed at Operation or Selectively by Race Later; or Data can be Uploaded to Computer using DigiLink Program.