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Knee supports and knee braces to suit a range of injuries including patella tendinitis, ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL ligament damage. Our range of knee braces are specially designed for sports such as basketball, netball, running, football & crossfit.
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Medi Genumedi Knee Support CEP Knee Sleeve, CEP Compression Knee Sleeve, Medi Genumedi E+motion Knee Support
CEP Knee Sleeve
Our Price: $74.95
The Medi Genumedi is an anatomically tailored knee support with padded comfort and patella ring for Knee Stabilisation. A specially designed inner support ring pocket helps to control and support the patella while it reduces pressure directly on the patella. Unique to the Genumedi are the anti-migration silicone beaded dots and Comfort Zones which combine to produce compliance enhancing performance.
The CEP Compression Knee Sleeve offers support for any mild-moderate knee injury, while providing improved circulation, coordination, and muscle and joint stabilization. Made in Germany.
Alongside the tried and trusted medical effect, the Genumedi E+motion knee support scores extra points with its exclusive features in a sporty look. The breathable fabric made from active fibre and merino fibre support the thermo-regulation in both summer and winter, adapting perfectly to movement and also giving the joint extra stability for high stress during sport, at work or in everyday life.
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Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace
Our Price: $109.99
Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace
Our Price: $124.99

The Genumedi Plus is a moderate to strong knee support with straps for knee joint stabilisation (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL Support). The integrated silicone ring of the Genumedi plus reduces stress on the kneecap. Together with the compression of the knitted fabric, it causes a massage effect. This enhances perfusion of the joint and decreases swelling and effusion. Irritation and pain are alleviated.

The Zamst JK-2 provides the most advanced patellar support for Patellar Tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatters Disease and Chondromalacia. The Zamst JK-2 incorporates Flyweight fabrication with i-Fit technology, a semi-open design with a lower strap for individualized adjustment and compression. The V-Tech material ventilates and quickly removes perspiration during exercise. The Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace is the strongest knee support for moderate to severe sprains of the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL. The Zamst ZK7 has an exo-tech quad which provides 4-way ligament support with resin stays to support medial and lateral stability as well as x-strap and parallel straps for effective anterior and posterior stability to the ACL/PCL. The ZK7’s i-Fit technology provides a semi-open design to deliver an individualized fit to help prevent slipping. The flyweight lightweight material fabrication designed with V-Tech flow through ventilation enhances cooling while in motion.
Hyperice Knee Ice Compression Wrap Medi Genumedi PSS Patella Knee Brace Medi Genumedi Pro Knee Brace
The Hyperice Knee Ice Compression Brace is an easy-to-use, portable two-part cryotherapy device. Combining a plush neoprene wrap and ice cell with a patented air-release valve, the Hyperice knee molds the ice to your knee perfectly for an optimal “ice cast" treatment.
Designed to treat and/or prevent: knee pain and inflammation from strains/sprains, ACL/MCL/Meniscus strains or tears, patella tendonitis (jumper's knee), and runner’s knee.
The Medi Genumedi PSS is a patella tendinitis knee support for reliable guidance and stabilisation of the knee joint and to relieve tension on the patellar ligament (tendon) insertion. The compressive knit improves proprioception and sensorimotor function of the knee. The tendon pad with silicone dot coating stimulates the patellar ligament.
The Genumedi PSS Knee Brace is perfect for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball & Running.

The Medi Genumedi Pro is a heavy duty knee brace built for overall protection and stabilisation of the knee ( ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL Support). With its medially and laterally placed Easyglide Hinges the Genumedi Pro Knee Support ensures relief & protection of the knee joint. It also comes with a integrated patella silicone ring to reduce stress on the knee cap.

Hyperice Venom Leg Heat Vibration Device
The Venom Leg is a cutting-edge, digitally connected, wearable back device that uses heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore / stiff muscles. Can be used on the knee, quad, hamstring, and calf.
3 Vibration Settings - Constant, Pulsating & Variation. Heats up to 160F within 90 Seconds.