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Check out our range of Ankle Braces & Ankle Supports. Perfect for Sports such as Netball, Basketball, Football, Running & More. Anatomically Correct and Easy Adjustments give the user an proper individualized fit.
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CEP Ankle Sleeve
Our Price: $54.95
Medi Sports Ankle Brace
Our Price: $79.95
The CEP Compression Ankle Sleeve is perfect for treatment of mild-moderate ankle injuries and works to improve blood circulation, stabilize muscles and joints, and improve coordination. Made in Germany. New Zamst Filmista Superlite, Variable Compression Ankle support with a Second Skin feel. The Filmista ankle support integrates a dual layer fusion stabilizer technology with a flex film construction. This provides unique combination of a superlite, variable compression support, with a second skin feel. By engineering these technologies into the Filmista design, we are able to simulate the taping process and offer a unique, micro thin support solution. The medi sport ankle brace can be used for chronic ligament instability in the upper and lower ankle and for irritations in the ankle. It can also be worn as a preventative measure when resuming sports activities after an ankle injury, to prevent twisting of the ankle. Thanks to the stabilising elements integrated on the sides, the lacing and the strap system, the medi Ankle sport brace provides stability and support for the ankle. The flat design makes the brace pleasantly comfortable to wear, even with shoes on.
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Zamst A1 Ankle Brace
Our Price: $99.99
Medi Levamed E+motion is an ankle support that can be used for many different kinds of injuries. These include mild sprains and instabilities of the ankle as well as swellings or irritations. The Medi Achimed is a specially designed Achilles Tendon Support with an integrated anatomically correct silicone pad. The achimed achilles support causes a massage effect, which supports perfusion, by interacting with compressive knitted fabric and the two integrated silicon inlays. This effect furthers the decline in swellings and bruises. Irritation and pain are relieved. Simultaneously the muscular control and the inherent stabilisation of the ankle joint improve. The Zamst A1 provides moderate support for mild to moderate ankle sprains. The Zamst A1 incorporates a-fit technology for an anatomically (left and right) correct fit and i-Fit technology for individualized adjustments and compressions. The Exo-Grid (Internal) has dual internal stabilizers, which provide lateral & medial ankle stability. L-Strap and Y-Strap Stabilizers with Grip Tech (antimigration) located on the outside prevents the ankle from rolling inwards (Inversion) by adjusting the tension of the straps.
Hyperice Utility Ice Compression Wrap Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace Zamst A2DX Ankle Brace
Zamst A2DX Ankle Brace
Our Price: $119.99
The Hyperice utility ice compression wrap is an easy-to-use, portable two-part cryotherapy device. Combining a plush neoprene wrap and ice cell with a patented air-release valve, the Hyperice Utility molds the ice around your ankle, elbow, shin, or wrist.
Designed to treat and/or prevent: ankle sprain, inflammation from tennis elbow, arthritis, shin splints, or wrist sprain.
The medi leavamed active ankle brace is an ankle support built for preventing twists. With its unqiue customisable strap system the user can provide individualised support based on their needs. The levamed ankle support also has compression knitted fabric and silicone pads for massage effect promoting blood circulation. The Zamst A2DX is the strongest Ankle Brace in the Zamst Sports Ankle Support Range. It is specially designed to provide full stabilization of the ankle and prevent rolling inwards or outwards. Perfect for Basketball, Netball, Football and other ball sports.  The Zamst a2dx is anatomically correct (left and right) and can be fitted for the individual.