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Digi Sport Instruments is a Global Brand of Electronic Sports Products. They have designed and developed a wide range of high quality and affordable products including, pedometers, stopwatches, scoreboards and other specialty sports watches for well over 10 years.


Digi Sport Instruments have a huge range of high quality and Basic Stopwatches. All are water resistant and have up to 7 Digit capabilities. These basic stopwatches include the DT1 & DT3 Models. Features in the Basic Stopwatch series includes: Time, Day, Alarm, Calendar, Countdown, Pacer, Split or Lap Times and 1/100 Second.


The Advanced Stopwatch range includes the DT480A and DT100. These exceptional stopwatches have the following features available in their series: All of the basic stopwatch features plus, Up to 100 Lap Memory, Lap Counter, Average Lap Time, Metal Casing, 3 Line Display, 30 Second Shuttle Timer and Inverval Training.


Digi has also develop a range of Printer Capable Stopwatches specialised for Sports and Competition Activities. Each Stopwatch available in this series has the following features - All Features of Basic & Advanced Stopwatches; Up to 8000 Segregated Lap Memory, 100 Lap Memory, Printer Connection, PC Software Capable, Lap Data Display, Bib Number Display, Best Lap, Avg Lap, Split/Lap Time.


The Digi Sport Multi-Lane Timers provide a more accurate and simple timing system, which reduces the liklihood of errors during a sports event or school carnival. The Multi Timer is also extremely portable so it can be used in any location and now has wireless capabilities.Features of the Multi-Lane Timer include - 8000 Lap Memory, Built In Printer, 10 Individual Time Buttons, Track & Road Race Modes; Bib Number Display, Lap Data, Best Lap, Avg Lap, Split/Lap Time, Downloadable results to PC, Wireless Capabilities.


These high quality Scoreboards & Wall timers made by Digi Sports Instruments are great for schools, sports events, clubs and even individual use. Features include - 24Hr Clock Display, Home & Visitor Scores, Countdown Timer, RF Remote Control Use, Stopwatch and Large LCD Displays.


Shot Clock Displays come with large LCD displays which can be wall mounted or put on a tripod stand for sports events and games. Count down time can be set up to 60 Seconds and alert sounds when countdown reaches zero. Multiple shot clocks can be linked together and are extremely easy to operate with 2 button function. Battery operated and normal telephone cables are used for shot clock connections.

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Digi Sports DT1 Basic Stopwatch Digi Sports DT3 Countdown Stopwatch Digi Sports DT480A  50 Lap Stopwatch
  • 6 Digit Basic Stopwatch
  • 1/100 Sec for 30 minutes
  • Calender
  • Time of Day and Alarm
  • Water Resistant
  • 7 Digit Stopwatch
  • 1/100 Sec with Cumulative Split or Lap
  • Count Down Timer Function with Repeat Option
  • Pacer
  • Calendar
  • Time of Day & Alarm
  • Water Resistant
  • 7 Digit Stopwatch
  • 2 Line Display
  • 50 Lap Recallable Memory
  • 1/100 Sec Lap or Split Times
  • Lap Counter to 99 laps
  • Count Down Timer
  • 30 Second Shuttle Timer for Time Outs
  • Pacer Mode
  • Water Resistant
Digi Sports DT100 - 100 Lap Stopwatch Digi Sports DigiLink Upload Software - DT2000 & DT810 Stopwatches Digi DT800 Wireless Buttons - Wireless Multi Lane Timer
  • 7 Digit Stopwatch
  • 3 Line Display
  • 300 Lap & Split Recallable Memory
  • Lap Counter to 99 laps
  • Fastest, Slowest & Average Lap
  • Time of Day
  • Count Down Timer
  • Pacer Mode
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Time of Day & Alarm
  • Metal Case
  • Water Resistant
  • USB Upload Kit with Cable & Software 
  • Compatiable with DT2000 & DT810 Stopwatches
  • Upload Lap Times, Lap#, Split Times, Average Times, Average Speed, Fastest Speed, Fastest Time 
  • Save/Delete Records
  • Export/Import Files 
  • Print
  • Wireless Control up to 25M(80 feet)
  • RF Remote Control - No Cords Required
  • User Selectable Lane No. for Individual Wireless Buttons
  • 16 Different RF Channels
Digi Sports DT2000 - 2000 Lap Stopwatch with Printer & Software Capabilities Digi DT800 Wireless Transmitter - Wireless Multi Lane Timer Digi DT630 Altimeter Barometer Compass Watch - Altimeter Watch, Barometer Watch, Compass Watch, Compass Watches, Altimeter Watches, Barometer Watches, Trail Watches,
  • 7 Digit Stopwatch
  • 3 Line Display
  • 100 Lap Recallable Memory
  • 2000 Lap Segregated Memory
  • Lap/Split or Lap/Time Display
  • Lap Counter to 99 laps
  • Fastest Average Lap
  • Time of Day
  • Count Down Timer
  • Pacer Mode
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Time of Day & Alarm
  • Water Resistant
  • Data Can Be Printed Using DT500P
  • Data Can Be Uploaded Using DigiLink Software
  • Coverts DT800 To Wireless Operation
  • Easily Mounted to Bottom of DT800
  • Includes 1 x Wireless Button 
  • Wireless Control up to 25M(80 feet)
  • RF Remote Control - No Cords Required
  • User Selectable Lane No. for Individual Wireless Buttons
  • 16 Different RF Channels
  • Comes With Free Compressport Trail Socks
  • Date/Time/Year
  • Auto calendar
  • 12/24 hour format display
  • Daily alarm
  • Dual time
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer Use
  • Difference measurement of Altimeter and Barometer
  • 24 hour memory in Altimeter
  • 4 day memory in Barometer
  • Logbook and logbook history
  • Current absolute atmospheric
  • Sea level pressure
  • Temperature display
  • Compass
  • Electroluminescent back lighted LCD
  • Low battery indicator
  • Diagnostics (System Reset)
Digi Sports DT500P Stopwatch Printer Digi Sports DT810 Stopwatch With Inbuilt Printer, Multi Lane Timer Digi DT800 Multi Lane Timer - Multi Lane Timers
  • Compatible with DT2000 & DT500
  • Japanese Thermal Printer
  • 1.5 Lines Per Sec
  • 13 Digits/Row
  • Supplied with Carry Case
  • Special Offer* Comes with Free DT500 Stopwatch valued at $60.00
  • 3 Line Display
  • 2000 Memories
  • Segregated Memory
  • Inbuilt Printer
  • Lap/Split Times
  • Lap/Split or Lap/Speed Display
  • Average and Best Lap Time Display
  • Dual Timers
  • Count Down Timer
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Data can be Printed at Operation or Selectively by Race Later
  • Data can be Uploaded to Computer using DigiLink Program
  • 8000 Lap Memory
  • Inbuilt Printer
  • Up to 10 Individual Lane Buttons
  • 1 Button Start 
  • 12/ 24Hr User-Selectable Clock
  • 4-Digit Bib Number
  • 4-Digit Place Counter
  • 2-Digit Lap Counter
  • Auto Print Out
  • Print Final Result Function
  • Pre-Entry of Bib Numbers
  • Single and Multiple Race Start Times
  • Wave Start Option
  • Maximum 99 Waves Race
  • Recall Function Memory
  • Clear Function Printing
  • Pause Function
  • Key Operation Sound
  • AC or Battery Operated (AC Adaptor enclosed)
  • Upload Results to PC